Meet Our Grantees

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2017 Grantee Partners

Korean Community Center
(KCC’s Behavioral Well-Being Program for Children and Youth)
Funding will support education and awareness of the prominent mental health issues among children and youth in the Korean community. In addition, KCC’s Behavioral Well-Being Program will address cultural barriers and taboos among Korean-Americans regarding seeking mental health services. The Program will include, but will not be limited to, an annual community-wide seminar, mental health screenings, monthly parent skill training, etc.
Korean American Youth Foundation
(Social Impact Leadership Academy)
Funding will help maintain the 2nd year of the Social Impact Leadership Academy. SILA, a four-year leadership program and the first of its kind in the Korean American community in New York, is tailored for each grade level that caters to immigrants and underprivileged, at-risk, or low income youth in the Korean American and Asian American communities in the local Flushing area.
Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence
(New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Organizing Project) 
Funding will support CAAAV’s NYCHA Organizing Project which builds power of Bangladeshi, Chinese, and Korean public housing residents living in NYCHA’s Queensbridge development to advocate for stronger language access, services and repairs, and treatment from NYCHA mangagement, that will directly impact 20,000 Asian residents citywide. NOP employs direct service, leadership development, and community organizing strategies to campaign and to build intercommunity relations.
MinKwon Center for Community Action, Inc.
(Civic Engagement)
Funding will support and expand MinKwon Center’s Civic Engagement Program, which plays a critical leadership role in building a strong base of empowered Korean American, Asian American and immigrant voters through a non-partisan, comprehensive set of efforts – voter registration, education, mobilization and protection – to ensure they exercise their power for lasting, fundamental change.
Asian Women’s Christian Association
(Grace Hotline)
Funding will be used to support “Grace Hotline” which provides mental health information and referrals within the Korean American community in New Jersey. The Grace Hotline is aimed to make mental health issues accessible to the Korean American population in New Jersey. Operating hours are Monday through Friday 9am-midnight.
Korean American Family Service Center
(Shelter maintenance for domestic violence victims)
Funding will support services for Asian and Korean women and children affected by domestic violence and extreme poverty. The shelter is a 24/7 safe haven not only providing them with a safe emergency housing but also access to culturally familiar Korean/Asian meals, counseling, and bilingual staff providing comprehensive services with cultural understanding
Sakhi for South Asian Women
(Direct Services and Economic Empowerment Programs)
Funding will be used to support Sakhi’s core programs. The DS Program offers a full range of culturally-sensitive, linguistically appropriate services including crisis response, safety-planning, ongoing emotional support, accompaniments, translation assistance and advocacy in court, etc. Sakhi’s EE Program addresses systemic barriers that prevent women from achieving their goals of safety and self-sufficiency through activities such as Back to Work program, Job Coach Connect Program, housing services, etc.
(“Let’s Play with Music and Arts” Program)
Funding will be used to support EnoB’s “Let’s Play with Music and Arts” Program: a series of multimedia events for children and youth with special needs and their friends and family in the New Jersey and New York City Metropolitan area. The free custom- tailored program is offered to children and youth with special needs and their friends and family at a sponsored organization as a space for them to interact, form social bonds and experience the joy of the arts.
Korean Senior Citizen’s Association of NJ
(Senior Education, Social Welfare Service, and Emergency Food Aid)
Funding will support KSCANJ to help Korean American seniors in New Jersey live healthy, economically secure and fulfilling lives as productive members of their community by offering programs at KSCANJ’s community facility that focuses on Health, Wealth, and Happiness. These programs are designed to help seniors avoid the need for premature reliance on government health services and to live dignified and independent lives.

Meet Our Grantee Partners ( 2007 - 2016)

Korean American Youth Assistance Coalition Inc. (KAYAC)
Korean American Youth Foundation (KAYF)
Garden of Hope
Jesus Love House Mission
Child Center of NY
Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM)
American Wheat Mission in New Jersey
APEX for Youth
Asian Americans for Equality
Asian Professional Extension
AWCA’s Grace Hotline
Brooklyn Elder Korean-American Foundation
Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF)
Community Fund for Manhattan
Community Senior Center of Flushing (CSCF)
Child Center of New York
Day One
EnoB, Inc.
Family Touch
FGS Korean Community Center FGS (KCC)
Hamilton Madison House
Hana Mission
Jabiwon Social Services Center
Korean American Family Services Center (KAFSC)
Korean American Senior Citizens Association of New Jersey 
Korean American Senior Citizens Association of New York
Korean Community Services of Metropolitan New York (KCS)
Korean-American Special Education Network (KASPED)
Korean American Behavioral Health Association (KABHA)
Mil Al Mission in New York
MinKwon Center for Community Action
Post 21
Research Center for Korean Community at Queens College
Service and Education for Korean American (SEKA)
South Asian Council for Social Services
The Asian American Writer’s Workshop
Women In Need Center (formerly Rainbow Center)
YWCA of Queens
AHL Foundation