Meet Our Grantees

NY Nanum Foundation

Meet Our Grantee Partners ( 2007 - 2016)

Korean American Youth Assistance Coalition Inc. (KAYAC)

Korean American Youth Foundation (KAYF)

Garden of Hope

Jesus Love House Mission

Child Center of NY

Desis Rising Up and Moving (DRUM)

American Wheat Mission in New Jersey

APEX for Youth

Asian Americans for Equality

Asian Professional Extension

AWCA’s Grace Hotline

Brooklyn Elder Korean-American Foundation

Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF)

Community Fund for Manhattan

Community Senior Center of Flushing (CSCF)

Child Center of New York

Day One

EnoB, Inc.

Family Touch

FGS Korean Community Center FGS (KCC)

Hamilton Madison House

Hana Mission

Jabiwon Social Services Center

Korean American Family Services Center (KAFSC)

Korean American Senior Citizens Association of New Jersey 

Korean American Senior Citizens Association of New York

Korean Community Services of Metropolitan New York (KCS)

Korean-American Special Education Network (KASPED)

Korean American Behavioral Health Association (KABHA)

Mil Al Mission in New York

MinKwon Center for Community Action

Post 21

Research Center for Korean Community at Queens College

Service and Education for Korean American (SEKA)

South Asian Council for Social Services

The Asian American Writer’s Workshop

Women In Need Center (formerly Rainbow Center)

YWCA of Queens

AHL Foundation