Operating Principles

NY Nanum Foundation believes that community foundations should guide the community to be more charitable. Toward that end, the Foundation hopes to help improve foundations’ fundraising professionalism and grant-making efficacy so that our communities are transformed. Dedicated to the establishment of a spirit of sharing and giving, NY Nanum Foundation operates according to the following set of principles.

The Foundation believes that an impartial process of grant-making helps to target disbursements more effectively. To achieve impartiality, the Foundation convenes a special advisory board with the responsibility of grant selection.

The Foundation cherishes the trust of its donors. The Foundation fully discloses any decisions on its finances, programs, and operations with donors and members of the community. This is because the Foundation considers donors as vital partners for the health and welfare of our community.

The Foundation invites the participation of highly-respected specialists who have expertise in social welfare and in the regional community. Experts in fields such as in religion, law, civic society, social welfare, and non-profit management, volunteer to work with the Foundation.

NY Nanum Foundation is not limited to one field; it runs a great number of diverse programs to benefit the public in all sectors of society and increase the quality of life for the underprivileged. We are a comprehensive public benefit foundation with the goal of spreading a culture of giving through grassroots, citizen donation.

Public Entity
Raising a large amount of donations from just a few donors is not the objective the Foundation. The Foundation seeks to have a broad donor base and grant ownership to its community of investors.