The Foundation envisions the grant making activity of the Foundation contribute to building the capacity of the community. Toward that end, the Foundation strives to make the grant making program professional, transparent, impartial and strategic.

There are major five steps2016givingcele in our grant making program: 1) developing grant proposals, 2) solicit proposals, 3) proposal reviews, 4) proposal approval, and 5) monitor and evaluation.

Since 2007, through our annual grantmaking cycle, the NY Nanum Foundation has raised and distributed $1.5M to support community service programs focusing on underserved groups such as seniors, at-risk youth, women, immigrants, and individuals with disabilities, and has also provided capacity building grants for start-up non-profit organizations that have been running creative and effective programs that adequately serve the target population. Through the independent Grant Advisory Panel, the NY Nanum Foundation ensures that our grantmaking activities are conducted in the most objective, professional, impartial, transparent, comprehensive and fair manner that aims to support programs which will have a sustainable and long-term impact on our communities.